May 24 Twilight Thursday’s at Churchill Downs .  420-820 .   $1 beers $3 admission

July 20 . MOTR Cincinnati w/ In The Pines

July 21 . Copper and Kings Braii . South African Barbeque

July 25 TBA!!!!!




May 5 Oaks on Oak presented by THE LIVING ROOM SERIES   5pm-10pm    oak st / 2nd St w/ Moonlight Peddlars and Nick Dittmeir  $10 general $25 VIP

May 13 HAL and BEN’s BIKE-IN   WALDEN SCHOOL 5-10  set @8 with a MOVIE TO FOLLOW “The Fabulous Mr. Fox”  $FREE

May 20 What The Germantown? Nachbar 10-12 $FREE

May 25 TWILIGHT THURSDAYS at CHURCHILL DOWNS 5-8pm $3 Track Adm. $1 Beers

May 26  Time and Space Louisville 10-1  $FREE

JUNE 9  performing as FELA BOOTY   Butchertown Social at COPPER AND KINGS     7-11pm

September 9   Petefest    with special guests Carly Johnson, Cheyenne Mize, Mark Charles Heidinger, Shane Cody, Chris Rodahaffer, Zak Appleby, Meg Samples Presenting Paul Simon’s GRACELAND

September 22   ZOOM GROUP FUNDRAISER at LA LA LAND with Twin Limb and Frederick the Younger  event 6pm  music at 8pm

December 15  Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington  w/ Terrified Riders 9p

December 16  Zanzabar  Louisville w/ Zach Longoria Project 9p

December 31  21c  NYE  BASH  9-1

January 5   GRACELAND at the BURL Lexington


January 12  WFPK LIVE LUNCH  in-studio

January 19  FELA BOOTY at Jimmy Can’t Dance

January 26 FELA BOOTY at Jimmy Can’t Dance

Feb 10  FELA BOOTY  MARDI GRAS at Jimmy Can’t Dance

Feb 16 Louisville Magazine’s Gotham Masquerade w/Carly Johnson  Palace Theater

March 1    Mayors Gallery   12pm City Hall


May 4     FELA BOOTY @ SHERBY 615-715

Mercury Ballroom w/Cheyenne Mize  PRIVATE PARTY   830-1130

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